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We are an Event Consultants, Event marketing & Event Management company based in Karachi. We got all the ingredients to make your event big and memorable..

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Project Two

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Project Three

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Project Four

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Welcome to our website

Destiny is a national marketing services agency founded in 2007. As the media landscape is changing, every company needs to look for unique ways to market their products and services.
Destiny is at the forefront of this change with experience, talent and passion. Every day, we're focused on driving brand sales and building brand equity for our clients.
Destiny providing the solutions to your queries in one of the latest and most innovative way.


Destiny Enterprises makes things happen - organizing and managing events for businesses, corporations, professional bodies, sports, associations and government departments.
No matter what the location, we can organise and manage your next:
Convention & Conference
Exhibition, Festival, Sports, Education, Performance or Public Event
Special Event, Meeting or Seminar
Artist Management (India - Pakistan - UK)
Kids activities, Birthday theme party.

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